At V3 VERGAUWEN, VENET & ASSOCIES, practicing law is a family tradition that has been transmitted from father to son through generations. Our small-scale law firm is reputed for our solid track record in criminal defence throughout Belgium. We guarantee you will be heard and defended with great professionalism and discretion whether you are a victim or a suspect.

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We work rigorously, abiding by the law. Our practice respects your rights. We’ll defend you tenaciously, loyally and humanely. The V3 VERGAUWEN, VENET & ASSOCIES firm extends its skills, experience and energy to best defend your interests. We make a point of finding the best defence strategy together based on your needs and desires.

Specializing in criminal law, (common criminal law, financial criminal law and international criminal law), the firm has recently expanded its realm, taking on lawyers specialized in other areas of expertise. We can meet your needs in civil law, commercial law, tax law and foreigners’ rights.

Our services cover a wide range of interventions: consulting, negotiation, mediation and assistance in all phases of legal procedure.

We will ensure your defence effectively in front of: the police court, the trial court (criminal, civil or commercial), the court of appeal, the criminal court, the supreme court, and the administrative courts.

With many years of experience, the V3 VERGAUWEN, VENET & ASSOCIES firm guarantees thorough knowledge of law practice. We stand at the forefront of all developments in law and procedure.

The V3 VERGAUWEN, VENET & ASSOCIES firm offices are located at the heart of Brussels, near the Justice Palace. The qualities we welcome you with are those we value most: respect of confidentiality, offering an accessible defence, availability, and strong legal knowledge.

The fees are calculated, as is the norm, hourly or as a flat rate. We take into account the nature of the case, its complexity, the customer's financial situation, and the issue at stake. Eventually, a success fee can be agreed upon. Since January 1st, 2014, lawyers’ services are subject to VAT at a 21% rate.

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